The Course

We offer a service to parents with a holistic, research based approach to postnatal education. Each of our classes are led by trained educators and frequented by qualified, postnatal health professionals.

We hold evening classes each week that run for an hour-and-a-half, for six consecutive weeks starting at the beginning of each school term. Course capacity is eight couples, or single parents per course – two courses may run simultaneously if interest facilitates this. Minimum for each course to go ahead is three couples. 

Parents get the pleasure of devouring a delectable pudding at each session, they receive a free copy of the bestselling book ‘BabyCues, Prevent and Remedy Colic, Reflux, Lactose and Dairy Overload, Nature’s Logical Answers,’ along with The Pudding Clubs Shopping and Information Guide. Parents also receive free, helpful baby equipment like NUK pacifiers, water wipes, tui balm nappy cream, coffee culture vouchers, Health 2000 discounts and more. 

Feedback from previous attenders of The Pudding Club Classes say this course is worth $150 to $200, but you get all this for $10.00 a night per couple - $60.00 for the entire course.


What we teach...

The course content below is the standard curriculum for The Pudding Club but the health professionals will vary for each club. You can see who they will be on each regions page.

  • physiology of lactation
  • favourable latching techniques
  • how to 'bring in' a healthy milk supply that is in harmony with your baby's digestion
  • best practice for breastfeeding issues like engorgement, fast flow, or sore nipples
  • best nutritional diet for breastfeeding mothers
  • effects of breastfeeding diet on baby
  • breastfed bowel motions
  • expressing
  • favourable latching techniques that help maintain breastfeeding
  • how to nurture digestive health while feeding
  • the capacity of a newborn’s stomach up until the age of one
  • how to maintain a healthy balance of digestive enzymes and digestive function for baby
  • what is a healthy weight gain
  • the 'Six-Wind Cues'
  • common cry cycle
  • crying it out – why this is not a good practice
  • tired signs
  • normal and abnormal communication
  • rooting and startle reflex
  • pedalling legs
  • arching backwards
  • hiccups
  • the 'Six-Wind Cues'
  • common cycle of air in the body
  • how to release wind for your baby using ‘Nature’s Wind Sequence’
  • optimum amount of wind to release at each age
  • common misconceptions about wind
  • rooting reflex
  • suck reflex
  • grasp reflex
  • sound bonding
  • movement
  • general techniques and remedies
  • calming techniques for parents
  • sleep requirements
  • the real tired cues
  • swaddling
  • settling baby to sleep
  • co-sleeping – the ‘Safe Snuggle’
  • sleep deprivation
  • behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload
  • rashes explained
  • temperature ranges and what to do
  • bowel motions
  • dehydration signs
  • thrush
  • tongue tie
  • teething
  • bathing
  • nappy changing
  • essential products and clothing discussed


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