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Venue - 233 King Street, Rangiora, North Canterbury
Time - 7-8.30pm
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Educator - <span>Philippa Murphy<span/>

Educator - Philippa Murphy

Philippa is the founder of The Pudding Club. Along with being a mother and one of New Zealand's leading Postnatal Educators within her private practice BabyCues, Philippa is an internationally respected specialist practitioner in newborn digestion. Through years of hands on research she has discovered a universal newborn language that are greatly connected to a newborn’s digestive function. When known and worked with, this exquisitely intimate exchange of knowing between baby and carer creates responsive care. Marrying her unprecedented findings with how a newborn’s digestive system functions, Philippa has uncovered the causes for colic and reflux and now offers parents natural, ground breaking solutions in early childhood health and education, preventing and remedying these behaviours along with lactose and dairy overload.


What we teach...

The course content below is the standard curriculum for The Pudding Club. 

  • physiology of lactation
  • favourable latching techniques
  • how to 'bring in' a healthy milk supply that is in harmony with your baby's digestion
  • best practice for breastfeeding issues like engorgement, fast flow, or sore nipples
  • best nutritional diet for breastfeeding mothers
  • effects of breastfeeding diet on baby
  • breastfed bowel motions
  • expressing
  • favourable latching techniques that help maintain breastfeeding
  • how to nurture digestive health while feeding
  • the capacity of a newborn’s stomach up until the age of one
  • how to maintain a healthy balance of digestive enzymes and digestive function for baby
  • what is a healthy weight gain
  • the 'Six-Wind Cues'
  • common cry cycle
  • crying it out – why this is not a good practice
  • tired signs
  • normal and abnormal communication
  • rooting and startle reflex
  • pedalling legs
  • arching backwards
  • hiccups
  • the 'Six-Wind Cues'
  • common cycle of air in the body
  • how to release wind for your baby using ‘Nature’s Wind Sequence’
  • optimum amount of wind to release at each age
  • common misconceptions about wind
  • rooting reflex
  • suck reflex
  • grasp reflex
  • sound bonding
  • movement
  • general techniques and remedies
  • calming techniques for parents
  • sleep requirements
  • the real tired cues
  • swaddling
  • settling baby to sleep
  • co-sleeping – the ‘Safe Snuggle’
  • sleep deprivation
  • behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload
  • rashes explained
  • temperature ranges and what to do
  • bowel motions
  • dehydration signs
  • thrush
  • tongue tie
  • teething
  • bathing
  • nappy changing
  • essential products and clothing discussed
  • car seat safety, by a trained technician from Baby On The Move


  • baby blues
  • postnatal depression
  • postnatal psychosis
  • effects of sleep deprivation
  • natural remedies that help regulate mental and physical health

'We feel very privileged to have been taught all this, as if we have been given a piece to the puzzle of parenting that lots of people are missing without knowing it. We are looking forward to our arrival and being able to understand what is going on and help our baby with our new knowledge. Thank you so much!'

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